“We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we've never even met?”

David Foster Wallace



            I have spent the past few days trying to think of what I would write about Aaron. He has so many friends that can see things a lot more eloquently than I ever could and I wanted to write something that would honor him in the way he deserved to be honored. After thinking and thinking I remembered that Aaron accepted me as I was and whatever I wrote would have been great to him.


            The main thought that comes to my head about Aaron is he was a “Good Dude” that cared about his family, friends, space (man did he love space), his dog, poetry, and did I mention his family? Seeing the way Aaron loved his wife and son always challenged me to try and love my wife better. He was amazing at loving them. It was amazing to watch how he spent his time visiting them when he could. I loved seeing the updates of pictures and quotes. Him lying on the couch with his silly dog. I could see that these moments were the ones that brought him the most joy. I am happy I could catch a glimpse of these moments of joy and love.


            I don’t remember how I started my friendship with Aaron. I think we started interacting after my interaction at a Starbucks where I encountered a woman trying to sell giraffe meat to someone or our favorite past time of making fun of our friend Blake. He had a wonderful sense of humor. When we became friends on Facebook it was all over. Anytime I would log on I would find a status he would write and make fun of it (not family posts) or egg him on. That is what our relationship consisted of. I remember Aaron taking some silly quiz that reveled who his true love was and it ended up being me. The conversation on that post had to be the funniest post in the world to anybody watching between Aaron and his true love. I had so much fun with Aaron on Facebook.


            I remember the day he messaged me telling me he was in Georgia visiting his family. It turned out where his family lived was where I grew up. I’m happy I got to share that with him. We tried to make plans to meet but I knew his time shouldn’t be filled with meeting me. His time should be spent doing what he did best, loving his family. We connected as well with both of our wives being nurses. I loved that we shared those things in common.


            Blake, Aaron, and I shared a love for movies. I remember us trying to plan a way for us to watch the same movie at the same time and tweet or write about it as we watched. Getting us all together to do something like that probably would have broken the internet. I can only imagine that our tweets would consist of how many dick jokes we could fit into 140 characters. That’s just the friendship we had.


            Our last conversation was over text. Aaron was hurting and I wanted to make sure he knew I cared. We spent 30 minutes talking about life and traveling. He had some great plans to see the world and I envied that because I have been stuck in a rut of staying in the same place because it is safe for me. During that conversation Aaron made me want to travel the world and get out of my rut. He was good at showcasing his awe of things to me that made me want to try new things. I’m thankful for that.


            Aaron was a good dude and I will miss him. I’m sad we never had a chance to meet but I know we knew each other exactly how God intended us to. I love Aaron and will miss him but I know one day we will meet in heaven and we will share more dick jokes while making fun of Blake. I know that’s the way he would want it.