"the sun shone cold"

This was a prompt given to me my Blake because I was bored and wanted to see what I could get out in a short amount of time


I asked for a writing prompt and my friend Blake said I should use “the sun shone cold” and I said I would give it a shot.


The statement “the sun shone cold” reminds me of prison and the reform prisoners go through while they are there. The first thing that comes to mind is “Shawshank Redemption” and Red’s journey throughout the film. This is a man who spent most of his prison life trying to get out. He went to his parole hearings pretty regularly trying to figure out when he would get out and they would tell him he wasn’t ready. Each time he wanted a bit of the sun. The sun being freedom and it was “shone cold” on him because they believed he hadn’t been rehabilitated. It wasn’t until he had given up and said he had known idea what would he would do to make him earn his parole did the sun shine on him. He was allowed to leave and leave the prison.


Leaving prison wasn’t everything that he had imagined it to be. What he thought freedom would be like was something that he was not able to experience. The sun he so desperately wanted was something that shone to brightly. He was not able to live his life with the tools he was given outside of the prison. The tools given to him after his rehabilitation were some that did not work for his life that he had since being in prison. Red needed the “sun to shone cold” on him because it was all he knew.


I would like to make an all-encompassing statement that I would think would apply to everyone, but it probably doesn’t, but I am writing this so whatever I want to apply to the reader will. I believe we all live a life where “the sun shone cold” is something we experience. We are often trying to go after the warmth of the sun or the good things in life. We want to experience the warmth of something good that we forget that we have to experience times of cold. Life is mostly cold. Not everything is warm and that’s ok. Once a person accepts that things are not always warm is when they can live in the cold. Nothing is wrong with the cold. That’s why we have winter. We need time to allow things to die or retreat. We need that in our life. A time to retreat and a time to die. It is when “the sun shone cold” is when we are growing. Red grew when “the sun shone cold” and was able to experience the life around him in prison. He was in a situation where it was cold, and he had to die to the things that brought him there. Once the sun started shining, he had problems as well. He could thrive in a place where the sun was not shining so he wanted that. So, he left to find Andy. Through that he was allowing his own sunshine to shine through and change his perspective.


I don’t think that Red lost the idea that he needed to cold. He needed that time to change so that is why he forged his own path. We should look at our lives and find the places where it is cold, and the sun is not shining and embrace them. Those are the areas where we are going to grow the most. Things have to die to grow. What are you allowing to die in order for you to grow?